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Welcome to the Podcast site of Avoiding the Storm

Avoiding the Storm is weekly Podcast designed to help you protect your money.  Each week we breakdown vital aspects of the Economy, and we do it in simple terms, for the average person (Not a Financial Professional).

Dan Rawitch began his career working on Wall Street.  He left Wall Street to start his own Mortgage Company, and he has studied the markets ever since. Dan records a daily video, called “RateWatch”, for the Mortgage Industry.  He has recorded his daily updates for ten years!  Each day, Dan talks about the economy and how it will impact rates.

“Thousands of financial professionals have followed Dan and his economic insights for a full Decade.

Now Dan intends to share his knowledge to consumers by simplifying the information and relating it directly to how it will impact their financial position.


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  1. Glenn Hayhurst Glenn Hayhurst

    I have been following you on Rate Watch for some time and I love the Podcasts.

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